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The secret to mastering Japanese...

Many people think it's boring to study a foreign language at school, and that's absolutely true! Studying with boring textbooks won't help you master a foreign language because it's not fun. That's why many people give up.

So, I came up with this method:


I'll ask you to prepare what you want to say in English.


Next, I'll show you how to say it in Japanese and teach you the grammatical aspects.


Then we'll repeat the role-play over and over again.

This is the biggest secret to mastering Japanese, and oddly enough, most schools, instructors, and textbooks never do this.


Two free trial lessons

Get two 1-hour private lessons free of charge with no commitments. In the trial lessons, I'll listen to your needs and requests with the goal of designing the best lesson for you.

Online lessons available

Instead of one-on-one lessons in person, online lessons via Skype are also available.


Take lessons anywhere in Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Nakano, Ebisu, Maguro, Ueno, Nakameguro, Roppongi, Otemachi, Ginza, Akasaka, Ojima, Nishikasai, Asakusa! Study at home, your workplace, a cafe, or a fastfood restaurant, as long as it's in the Tokyo metropolitan area (NO TRANSPORTATION FEES!)

Flexible class schedule

Flexible class times to meet your schedule. You can have a private lesson daily, once a week, or twice a week. Monthly, short-term intensive, whatever you want is fine!

Plus, weekends, late nights and early mornings are available too!

Customized lessons

Get the most ideal and effective Japanese lessons designed for your needs.

  • Daily conversation
  • Business Japanese
  • JLPT prep studies
  • Survival expressions

...or even dating expressions, and more!

Tailored materials

Get original lesson materials made just for you. I can make any kind of lesson materials. And of course, we can also study using your own textbooks if you like.

Any level

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced students are all welcome.

Real, genuine Japanese

Prior to teaching non-native Japanese speakers, I was a professional Japanese instructor teaching Japanese students. I can teach you real and genuine Japanese grammar, sentence structure, expressions, and even the origin of Kanji.

Choose the language of instruction

  • Japanese only
  • A mix of Japanese and English (you can specify the ratio)
  • All explanations done in English

I have lived and taught in the US for 7 years, and New Zealand for 2 years, so I speak English very well. I'm also aware of tricky points and common mistakes students make.

Skill of conversion

You will learn the skill of conversion between desu and masu form (formal and polite form) and plain form (informal / casual form). This is another secret of mastering Japanese!


Translation services are also available, either from English to Japanese, or Japanese to English.

Testimonials from students

Taka-sensei gave me a lot of encouragement and guidance at the beginning of learning Japanese. I seemed to know what to do effortlessly like magic. He has a lively, charming personality and is patient. He understands foreigners! Please take a class! Picture of student - M.E.M.E.
Taka Sensei is an extremely talented teacher and I owe a great deal of gratitude to him for helping me to write work emails, read and watch the news in Japanese, and generally converse with Japanese people... He will help you too, to excel and achieve your goals and I intend to continue learning from him for as long as he will have me as his student! Picture of student - ScottScott Reynolds
Taka-sensei is an excellent teacher. Always well-prepared, and very patient. I had many lesson requests, but he was always able to meet them. His rates are also probably the best in Tokyo. Highly recommended! Picture of student - JM TaylorJM Taylor
Taka-sensei has helped me focus a lot in my studies. I had two main goals in my study: 1) to pass JLPT N1, and 2) to have more confidence and be able to speak business Japanese more fluently. I think Taka-sensei has given me the confidence to be able to do both and has been very patient and understanding... I definitely recommend him. Picture of student - Josef WaldaJosef Walda

Lesson fees (One-on-one or Online)

¥3,500 / hour

  • No extra fees!
  • No transportation fees!*
  • No lesson materials fees!
  • Get two FREE trial lessons!
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Your 2 free trial lessons are COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE! I won't ask you to commit to any number of paid lessons.
Other instructors may charge you for their transportation, drinks (if having a lesson at a restaurant), or for books and materials. With my lessons, you won't have to pay for any of that.*

*Transportation fees are free for lessons within the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Group Lessons

Group lessons with Taka-sensei

I also do GROUP LESSONS (two or more people). The fee is as follows:

2 people -> 2,000 yen an hour per person

3 or more people -> 1,800 yen an hour per person

Essential Japanese - Travel Phrases

Essential Japanese - Travel Phrases course image - A picture of Mt. Fuji with the course logo

You can learn Japanese while having fun by taking our first-ever travel phrases course on Udemy.

This course is available at a reasonable price. You can use this for your self studies.

With this course, you can learn not just travel phrases, but also everyday life expressions with grammatical rules and real voice acting.

It doesn’t have to be for yourself, you can also send it as a gift to your family members or friends who are thinking about visiting Japan!

For more info, just click here - Essential Japanese - Travel Phrases

About me

Taka Yamazaki

Highly-experienced Japanese teacher who lived and taught in the US for 7 years and New Zealand for 2 years.

I started "Japanese Lessons Tokyo" in 2008 and have taught nearly 1,000 students so far.

I'd like to help get you speaking Japanese fluently. Please feel free to contact me through the form below or at this email address:

taka [at] japaneselessonstokyo.com

(Just replace "[at]" with "@". Sorry for the hassle. I'm trying to avoid spammers.)

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Taka-sensei with a student

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